Tuesday, June 22, 2010

General Contracting

You can stop worrying, I'm back.

No I haven't gone crazy(ier) from prolonged sleep deprivation, just taking a break from the daily grind (otherwise known as all the other useless crap in life that's not gambling.) Ray Chi hasn't been to "The Office" for awhile, so hence no office, no thrilling entries on my masterful play or devastating defeats at the tables.

You see sometimes you need just need a break. Maybe the cards aren't coming right or long shots are bombing and FN up your action. Maybe your playing like a jackass and need to reassess your game plan. Maybe you just need a little time to cleanse your palate and  "Get Your Ch'i Straight." 

Or maybe you're just broke and need some time to get some scratch together to get back into action. You see unlike your "job" where you just show up day in and day out doing whatever BS you people do in a cubicle and they (they being "THE MAN"), give you a paycheck, (I've heard of these, but it's been a while since I've actually SEEN one...) My "job" is vastly different. See just like "You can't build a house without tools", you can't make any money if you don't have any you can afford to wager.

Gambling is weird in that the tools of your trade are the exact same thing you are trying to acquire: Cold Hard Cash. You can't sit down at the tables, play any tournaments, or put together any well planned part-wheels at Hollywood Park. In fact without cash you can't do anything, put gas in your ride, have cocktails, take some honey out on the town, or pay bills, (notice how this is last on the list) NOTHING.

One of my Minions dropped some pearls on me the other day;
"You know what would solve all of our problems?" 
"No. What?" I say waiting expectantly for this sacred knowledge.
"Being Born Rich."
No Shit.

So you do what you gotta do to get back in action; pick your spots, play smaller limits, place smaller wagers, play tighter, keep it simple, ( layoff the big multi race wagers and Superfecta plays), and try to build your bankroll back up to where you can get back in action, and in the style your accustomed to.

Or you do what I do, you get on the Hustle and beat the bushes for some cash, cause there's money out there you just have to get it. Call in some markers or rifle through some of your useless crap and see if you can sell it off on Craig's List, or theres always some professional enabling (pouring drinks) if all else fails.

Cause here's the deal, if you have an honest assessment of your own ability, a reasonable expectation of winning, AND the right R.O.I (return on investment) you should be playing, and you just need to figure out how to do it.

SO here's what you do: Frame out a solid foundation of some cash, grab your tools, and start hammering these fools.

How much are Mr. T lunchboxes going for on EBay?

That's all I got,


JeDaug said...

Or maybe, just maybe, you watch 'Rounders' yet again, and _this time_ try to pull some life tips from Joey Knish and not Worm. I'm just sayin'...

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