Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This is the Sound of Me Failing


Just like the old "Punch Out" arcade game that would drain my pockets of every last dime; this is how it feels when the two longest shots on the board, (21-1 and 19-1) run 1st and 2nd to ruin NOT ONLY my chance for a future-changing Pick 6 score, bragging rights FOREVER, AND finally achieving my life long dream of taking a bath in Crown Royal, BUT ALSO any remaining self respect or street cred I might save by hitting some saver consols. "KNOCK OUT!"

THERE IS A REASON PEOPLE PLAY THE Pick 6, however elusive it may be: HUGE, HUGE sums of money for the low, low price of only $2. (Although if anyone could ever go perfect (x6) without all favorites and hit the Pick 6, they would be the BIGGEST PIMP ON PLANT EARTH!) That is why, barring of course my ever shrinking bankroll considerations, I will keep playing it ESPECIALLY on carryover days, and so will thousands and thousands of other people. 

I always say that handicapping horses is like trying to solve a REALLY HARD crossword puzzle, (that happens to be alive and may not feel like running today) that pays you big money when your right. Well the Pick 6 is like Sudoku humped a Rubik's Cube, was forced to life by Dr. Frankenstein, who pumped it full of Dianabol, AND NOW IT WANTS TO TRAMPLE YOUR ASS.

Everyday millions and millions of people around the globe play the Lotto with almost ZERO chance of ever winning. IT IS ACTUALLY POSSIBLE, to hit the Pick 6 if you know what your doing, have enough money that you're not too attached to, and of course vital to your success, HAVE A BIT OF GOOD LUCK. The Pick 6 gets hit just about every day and the days when it doesn't, then there is a carry over and that makes EVEN MORE PEOPLE PLAY, but even if its only a measly $30 or $40k, IT IS ACHIEVABLE AND I'M PLANNING ON HITTING ONE. That goddamn Mel Fisher took 16 long years to find the Atocha, SO DON'T COUNT ME OUT YET, I'm getting back up.

So if you know Ray Chi you already know this, but when I do FINALLY hit one....Drinks are on me. FOREVER!

Five Lucky Bastards won $552,535 today with $600,000 in consolation tickets, let's keep swinging. Thanks as always to my faithful parlay partners.

Today's Hourly Rate: -$43.33hr
(For those of you following along, this month is NOT going well. I wonder how late they buy Plasma...)

That's all I got,


Michael said... Sudoku humped a Rubik's Cube...
I want that on a t-shirt.


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