Saturday, May 21, 2011


What's up race fans?

Sorry for the long gap in posts but "THE MAN" has his boot firmly on my neck and I've been gasping for air and trying to claw my way out from under it. Who knew moving to a tropical paradise could be so god damn stressful?

Anyway I'm waaayyy behind on posts and I'll be putting up an out of order retrospective in the next few days, (it'll be all Tarantino-esque where the end is first and then you go back to the beginning and everyone dies.) No not like that, but some cool crazy shit happens, so stay tuned.

Let's get down to whats important, and that's money.

The 2nd leg of the Triple Crown the Preakness Stakes is tomorrow and Ray Chi and his homey's are on a POWER HOUSE RE-PARLAY AND ARE GOING TO PRESS IT THE WHOLE WAY!
After our modest Derby win ( please see "a win is a win") I managed to hammer the Post Derby Carryover Day at Churchill and we are flush with cash and ready to parlay our way to fame, fortune, and a bath tub full of Bourbon! Trust me in that this will be the biggest day of action yet.

Even though the math on the re-parlay took 17 emails and enough math to make a M.E.N.S.A member recoil in shock and horror, I think we've ( and by we I mean A-Dog) got it figured out and I'm now ready to build a mountain of tickets with enough R.O.I to make us call Geneva and fuel the jet.

Stay tuned for tomorrows expert selections from Ray Chi, my well diversified betting menu, colorful play by play action, and as always well placed profanity...

But here is Ray Chi's teaser Superfecta prediction, pre-scratches, crazy calculations and last minute Hail -Mary's

Mucho Macho Man, Sway Away, Animal Kingdom, Dialed In/King Congie

That's all I got, good luck.


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