Saturday, June 11, 2011

Belmont Stakes 2011

Good Morning Race Fans,
6:30am isn't when Ray Chi normally wakes up, but today's special....

It's Belmont Stakes Day 2011 and we've got a full day of hard core wagering ahead of us, (as well as my body weight in caffeine and booze-not sure in which order.) We're STILL working on the parlay of parlays and are planning a MASSIVE onslaught on the 1M Pick 6 and 1M Pick 4, (of course peppered in with multiple Superfectas, Tri's and Exactas for good measure!) A couple HUGE prices came in yesterday so theres a double carryover of $144,003 just to make it interesting.

I'm pretty bummed I can't be kicking it with my homeys in our usual crappy booth at my North Office swilling Crown Royal like theres going to be a drought, and cashing tickets together, but I'll have to do this solo via the interweb....just know I'm with you in spirit and please remember I'M IN ON ALL PARLAYS!

Let's Do This Shit. (Masterful Insight and Tickets to Follow...)


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