Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Belmont Park $930,495 Carryover - Budget Edition

Man it's Early!
Ray Chi doesn't like to be out of the sack before noon, so my blaring alarm at 6:45am wasn't exactly ideal for my sunny disposition, but duty (and big paper) calls, so onward.

I've about dialed in the big Pick 6 carryover left after the wasteland that was Belmont Stakes day, and now all I need to do is pound some more caffeine and formulate some tickets! We've got a modest parlay pool today, A-Dog, Genny, Robyone, (and if I get on the Hustle I can probably get a few more) who are riding high as a kite on the coattails of our last HUGE score, (ahem, I believe everyone made about $9 bucks)...

ANYWAY, let's not worry about little things like details. I feel good about this one, and as Mel Fisher always said, "Today is the day!"

Seriously. "Today IS the Day."
I'll try to put up my final tickets before post time.

That's all I got,


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