Monday, June 7, 2010

Belmont Stakes Blowout - 2010

Um Yeah,

You do everything you can to prepare for a big race day. You watch the key prep races, pour over the work out reports, try to decipher any clues from the plethora of pre-race articles, (of course check what Beyer and Crist think), and then most importantly: You grab a tasty beverage, sit down, and you get comfortable with the Daily Racing Form for about 8 hours and do your homework!

Sometimes though, even if you've done all of the things you are supposed to do, it all still goes horribly wrong.

I definitely can not remember a time in the over a decade I've been betting on the Triple Crown, that the favorite got smoked by some ridiculous long shot, this many times on one day. There were even a few of the races, (including the Belmont), that the favorite was out of the money all together!

So this is what I always do in the eyes of defeat, (I mean BESIDES drinking 15 glasses of Bourbon by myself with the shades drawn), I go home, open The Form, I look at my notes, and see how I could have possibly whiffed so badly. How did I miss that horse? Why when I was formulating all of my bets, wasn't that horse included? Was there something I overlooked, forgot, misread, or am I just a total Jackass? (Don't answer it's a rhetorical question.)

So that is what I did and you know what, I couldn't have picked ANY of those horses in races 9-13. None of them.
  • Champagne d'Oro - Too slow, and far superior competition in the race.
  • Winchester - Seriously? Against Gio Ponti AND Court Vision? C'mon!
  • Drosselmeyer - Um let's see, hasn't had a 1st place since January, is spotting 11 Beyer points to Ice Box, AND had continuous sore leg problems AND was working out in bar shoes?
  •  (Um, pass whatever your smokin buddy, cause it must be the good stuff.)
  • J L Bernstein /Ezzy - (Ray Chi's spirit was broken, so he left and didn't watch, but a 10-1 and 17-1 culminated in a $6,884 Pick 3 and a $349,628 Pick 4. WOW.)
Just remember it's a horse race, and anything can happen. Sometimes you just get blown out by a 39.5-1 shot who goes wire to wire, (even though he was only like the 8th fastest horse, ran a bounced 60(!) in his last race, and had been beaten ALREADY by one the races' leading contenders, BUT he probably got a slap-shot on the ass of Crystal Meth before he ran.) It happens. BUT does it happen ALL DAY on Belmont Stakes day? No not really. So shake it off and have a cocktail or ten, stop being such a baby, and get back up on the horse.

Seriously, there's a $930,495 carryover on Wednesday and I've got work to do. Who's up for a Parlay?

Today's Hourly Rate: - $50.50hr

That's all I got,


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