Monday, June 7, 2010

Playing the Rush and the Perfect Storm

What's up? I had an EPIC day on Wednesday! It was the kind of day every gambler loves; I went on a huge rush and made a bunch of money.

After being unjustly knocked out of my daily a.m tourney by my arch rival "Smokey B", who out flopped my AA v.s QQ with a Q for all my was time to sit down a make some money the hard way.

It was the "Perfect Storm" that made the rush happen. The most important aspect was, I woke up with a positive winning attitude, then the game had the perfect mix of players; loose AND aggressive, some horrible, and very importantly some skilled, (i.e. they had the ability to lay hands down when they were beat or at least thought they were), combine that with a run of some good cards that connected with the flop,  mix in some getting lucky and BOOM! Money.

There are three very important things to remember when playing a rush, and years of not listening to myself has me dropping some bullet points on y'all for the benefit of your wallets.
  • First of all do just thatPLAY THE HELL OUT OF IT. The entire game I was reluctant to give in to it and still played my semi-normal style, throwing away a long string of winners that I should have capitalized on, but didn't because they weren't in my normal range. BOOO! 

  • KNOW WHEN THE RUSH IS OVER. When it's over, it's over, and overplaying your rush can have serious detrimental effects to your bottom line. Sometimes when you are in the heat of battle, you forget to take into effect the changing composition of the game, make sure to notice if the mix of players has changed, tightened up, or gone broke, so you can adjust your flow accordingly. You want to hammer it when it's there and hit the bar when it's over.  

  • DON'T KILL THE GOLDEN GOOSE. Try not to be a dick. It sucks to lose money and these people are doing it right now. You've gotta keep the game light and laughing, maybe check the river with your total lock, buy a drink or two, pretend to misread your hand or something, who cares! Just keep them there, all of them. You want to do anything in your power to keep the rush going, just like this, forever. Besides if you piss people off, they'll try to kill your rush and break your spirit by calling down every hand out of spite, and that you don't want.
Well I overplayed my rush and got knocked out of my p.m tourney early for playing like a jackass, but all in all a great day. It would probably help if I listened to my own advice. Well I better get this money to my landlord....

Today's Hourly Rate: $42hr

That's all I got,


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