Sunday, June 12, 2011

How To Play a Broken Record/Belmont Stakes 2011


Well they all hurt a little it's just a matter of degrees. Does it smart a little, like you cracked your funny bone on the coffee table looking for your keys pain, or is this a "carry the boiling cauldron with your wrists out into the snow pain, ala Kung Fu?" I'm going to put this up there with "unexpected gut punch that knocks the wind of you and have to take a knee pain". It's quite possible I have a black eye, I just haven't been able to crawl to the mirror and face myself yet.

We set a couple records today on our roller coaster parlay ride to absolute dismal failure, and not the kind you want to brag about.

Belmont Stakes 2011 will go down in history for Ray Chi as:
1.) The highest total amount wagered in a single day 2.) The largest single day losses.
And I gotta tell you that I wasn't really looking to break #2....

Oh well I'm having an overwhelming feeling of Deja Vu from last years Belmont Stakes Blow Out, but let's press on.

It's possible the scorching heat this week, followed by the sealed track, and then the torrential down pours that soaked Belmont today had something to do with it, or maybe it just wasn't my day, but the string of out of the clouds long shots killed every ticket I made today.
These are the kind of days that make you question just what the hell your doing. Even the Plan B's got left out on most of the races, no one is going to pick every winner every time, but to have all the reasonable contenders miss the Super repeatedly? WOW.

Should I have just put together a crazy hail mary Trifecta box leaving out the favorites and hoping the slop produced some sort of ridiculous improbable out come, like well what happened? (By the way as idiotic as that sounds the $2 ticket excluding ANY of the probable Superfecta finishers Shackleford, Animal Kingdom, Mucho Macho Man, and Master of Hounds would have cost only $672 and cashed for $8,268.00 a tidy return on your investment and a higher return than most money market managers could hope for) but you can't expect total chaos every time, or can you? 

I can't deal with the post-race analysis right now I've got a hangover to start, but suffice it to say that:
A.) I'm not too happy
B.) Ruler On Ice? ARE YOU KIDDING ME! 

Alright I better knock the dust off and pick myself up off the floor cause now there's a $1.3M Carryover on Wednesday to crush, since I'm a glutton for punishment.

Today's Hourly Rate: (brace yourselves but this is total including Parlay dollars)

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