Thursday, November 7, 2013


Hello Faithful Few,
Well another championship Breeders Cup weekend is in the books and I gotta tell you one of the coolest things about it was my new Lucky hat! 

For a very limited time every year the Breeders Cup Shop lets you not only get a cool hat, BUT GET IT CUSTOM EMBROIDERED AS WELL with whatever 14 letters your little heart desires, so what better then to rep my magical adventure on the inter web!

Anyway I also hooked up my faithful Parlay Partners with some sweet headgear to wear while they are rooting along at home for our giant payoffs to start rolling in, (or just to wear while tossing back 8 or 9 Bourbons in Madrid and find out what happened later...ahem.) 

Details to follow but I will leave with this teaser to tantalize you into reading the thrilling next entry, but let me just say this; 
Gary Stevens RULES and...
This is the only time this is a good message…

Thats all I got,


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