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Hello Faithful Few,

History in the making or fantastic rags to riches run for the money ending in almost? Only one day to go till the most likely winner of the Belmont Stakes, California Chrome thunderously gallops into the history books of horse racing and becomes a living sports legend… or doesn't.

I WOULD LOVE to see a Triple Crown winner for the first time in 36 years and do I think California Chrome deserves to win, absolutely, (except for the fact that I won't be there and if he does indeed win the Triple Crown I will probably never forgive myself for not biting the bullet and flying out to watch with my own eyes, but I digress.) He is a great horse with fantastic tactical speed and a tremendous will to win. He has a ready made rags-to-riches back story, complete with lovable owners and old school (and actually the oldest) trainer who trains his horses with plenty of time to mature and come into form and he doesn't try to rush them prematurely and risk them getting hurt a quick buck, you know, the way all trainers should do it.

This story WOULD be the PERFECT addition to the storied legends of the Triple Crown, with a couple of unlikely but very likable guys who took a chance and won, turned down big money ($6M to be exact), for a chance at the biggest prize in horse racing and WON IT ALL! You can't even make up movies this good! (Attention Hollywood if you haven't optioned this yet, you are probably too late by now.)

Do I believe California Chrome is the best horse in the field and CAN actually win, YES.

Do I think he has been helped greatly by brilliant rides by his jockey Victor Espinoza, absolutely.

Do I think California Chrome had very, VERY easy trips in both the Kentucky Derby AND the Preakness, you bet I do.

Do I think the rest of the field, pales in comparison, that is the $1M question.

It's not that California Chrome is so great, it is that the rest of the field, (and honestly all three of the Triple Crown races fields), are so much worse. Unlike past years with SO many amazing horses vying for victory, all so closely matched in lineage and credentials it was nearly impossible to pick a winner, little alone a Trifecta! What does it say about the rest of these horses entered that they can't even come close to this "humbly bred colt" with a very modest and very well publicized pedigree?

They couldn't catch him in the Derby and they couldn't catch him in the Preakness, so how are they going to magically snap him off now?

I am not taking anything away from Chrome or his connections, I hope he blows the doors off the competition tomorrow and goes on to make truckloads of cash for the Dumb Ass Partners and gallops right onto the pages of history, I am just making a point.

This is the perfect set up for a new Triple Crown winner and I don't think it has been this perfect, for another contender ever.

SO THAT SAID, you have two choices tomorrow, go with the most likely favorite or try and beat him, there is no other scenario. So make a decision and either end up with a handful of cash and a cute story or a wheelbarrow full and write a rad blog about it, you decide.

Cute Story:

1.)California Chrome 2.) Commanding Curve 3.) Tonalist 4.) Ride One Curlin

Wheelbarrow Full of Cash:

1.) Commanding Curve 2.) Tonalist 3.) California Chrome/Wicked Strong 4.) Commissioner/Ride On Curlin

Good Luck tomorrow and here's to a Triple Crown Winner - California Chrome.

Thats All I Got,


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