Wednesday, April 26, 2017



Marshawn Lynch formally signed with his hometown Oakland Raiders today after months of speculation and somehow convincing the Seahawks to release him.

Lynch is one of the most respected and beloved players in the NFL, not just Seahawks fans, but people everywhere love Marshawn and what he does on and off the field, in the way only Marshawn can.

I know what you're thinking; "If Beastmode wanted to "unretire" why didn't he just go back to the Seahawks and go right back to straight winning?" Well, is possible he may be holding a bit of a grudge against Pete Carroll after the worst call in the history of football cost the Hawks a repeat victory in Superbowl XLIX? I sure as hell would be, and not just for the money it cost me on blown wagers...

Anyway, I love Marshawn Lynch, you know why? Cause he flat out doesn't give a shit. His genuine love of the game transcends all the hype and shoe deals, the norm of pro athletes concentrating more on "trying to get paid" than winning games.  Marshawn is seriously, "All 'bout that Action Boss!"

Do you know what Beastmode wants to do? He wants to stomp on the chest of his opponent as he pounds your team into submission. He wants to pulverize your team's will to win because his will is stronger than yours, and your team is going to find out the hard way. Marshawn wants to play in your face, semi truck football in his hometown, on his terms, and not the "we're resting our players today cause we have a big game in two weeks," kind of crap you see today in professional sports.
He ain't havin it.

All of Seattle will be very, very sad to see Beastmode go and we will miss every Skittles soaked moment of watching him play. But hopefully, we can all be happy for him for doing what he does, following his heart which has always beat strong for Oakland.
Fireworks baby Fireworks.

We'll see you in the Superbowl Marshawn, Seattle thanks you for keeping it really real.
Fo real tho.

That's all I got,


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