Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Your Mother Was Right About Everything

It's my Mom's birthday today.

I'd love to call and tell her "Happy Birthday, I love you!" and then go out to lunch or dinner and have a few laughs and a great old time, but I can't. She's gone now so I can't, but maybe your Mother IS here and you know what you should do? Call her.

Call your Mother and tell her she was right, right about everything and you are sorry that you doubted her or even questioned her in the first place. 

The thing you can't shake is that she was right, about it all. Everything she told you that you resisted or laughed off, or thought she was being way too over protective, or you threw a tantrum about, she was right and you were wrong and you should tell her that, today.

What's that you say? What the hell am I talking about? How could she possibly be right about everything? Well eating your vegetables, IS good of you, medical science and about a million+ doctors, nutritionists and the like all agree. You don't want to get scurvy do you?

Using your manners IS important, and in today's world is a disappearing thing of the past that I am very, very grateful to say was "ingrained" into me from an early age. Every time I see someone let a door slam in some poor woman's face or a senior citizen standing and holding on for dear life on the bus while some punk with his flat-billed hat turned sideways is resting comfortably in his seat, (which I have to constantly subdue my overwhelming urge to physically remove them from…) Or whenever I hear the word "gimme"in place of the very simple to use "please and thank you", I thank Paulla for all she taught me.

I think the most important thing she was right about was this, "Well you told ______ you were going to do ______, so now you've got to do it." 

Or in Paulla-speak; "Don't write a check with your mouth that your ass can't cover." It's about keeping your word and not throwing it around frivolously, about being dependable and someone other people can rely on, and living up to it all by simply saying you will. It could be as basic as going to a birthday party you said you would attend or helping someone move or maybe backing up your co-worker with the Boss at the big company meeting, or the simple sentence,"Call me if you need some help." People will, so you have to. 

You don't really have a lot in life that you can truly own as much as the words that come out of your mouth. In the good old days where there were no written contracts just deals sealed with just a man's word and simple hand shake, that's what your Mom and mine were talking about. It's important, so remember it, "Your Word is Your Bond-Live by it."

Here's the thing about Mother's, good or bad they are unforgettable. All the things they taught you, (whether you knew it at the time or not), the lessons, hard and otherwise that shaped and shifted your life, your very existence is thanks to and because of them.

...and of course all the many, many times they were right. 

I miss you Mom, Happy Birthday.

thats all I got


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