Thursday, April 10, 2014


Cross your fingers, pray, rub the Buddha, or whatever it is you do, BUT DO IT and send Steven Crist some much needed positive energy. 

The "King of the Pick 6" suffered a cardiac arrest in his home Sunday April 6th (and is apparently in stable but still critical condition.) Steven Crist is not only my defacto handicapping Mentor but revitalized the The Daily Racing Form after purchasing it with a group in 1998.

Steven Crist is a heavyweight in the world of Horse Racing, author, publisher, columnist, and he revolutionized the publics approach to handicapping, (especially yours truly) with his groundbreaking book, "Exotic Betting" changing the way people think not just about their wagers, but how they are going to structure their wagers as well. The book also helped handicappers manage their betting bankroll more effectively to create more opportunities for them to cash a winning ticket.

Good Luck has seemed to follow him his entire life, so let's hope it continues and Mr.Crist makes a speedy recovery and gets back on his feet, and to the track, as soon as possible, or at least can write his highly anticipated Kentucky Derby Blog entry from his recovery bed, it is a tradition I don't want to break.

Get well soon sir.

Thats all I got,


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